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About Avventure Bellissime

Avventure Bellissime (Beautiful Adventures) is an Anglo-Italian fully-licensed and bonded tour operator that has been operating tours for incoming individuals and groups to Italy since 1999.

A member of ASTA (American Association of Travel Agents), Avventure Bellissime works with tour operators and travel agents from around the globe.

The company owners, Monica and Jonathan, started their adventure operating innovative small group tours from Venice to the Venetian countryside. Since then, they have followed their own beliefs and intuition, continuing to expand and develop their business along the same simple lines of "Quality tours at affordable prices".

Meet The Team


After working in public relations agency in the cosmopolitan city of Milan, Monica decided to travel the world. Spending time in London, she learnt the language and speaks English like a native. Later in the US, she met Jonathan and persuaded him to relocate to Italy to start Avventure Bellissime. Monica juggles many diverse roles within the company, while a…

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Jonathan, apart from a couple of years wandering around the world, has always worked in tourism. From reservations manager to guiding tour groups on hikes down into the Grand Canyon he brings a wealth of experience to Avventure Bellissime. Being co-owner of the company he’s involved in many facets of the company’s operations; managing the company’s website, …

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Born in Poland, Aleksandra has lived in Italy for over 10 years and during this time she has always worked in tourism. Prior to joining Avventure Bellissime, Aleksandra worked for an incoming agency based in Jesolo, a seaside resort just north of Venice, where she literally ran the show for a small tour operator looking after all the logistics and requiremen…

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Has been working with Avventure Bellissime since 2010 and is responsible for managing the operation side of our business, making sure that all our tours operate as scheduled and processing reservations made by over 50,000 clients on an annual basis to ensure that our clients receive our best possible service at all times. Born and raised near Venice, Chia…

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Having previously worked in a retail travel agency, Claudia joined Avventure Bellissime a couple of years ago and quickly found her own identity and role within Avventure Bellissime. She speaks and writes excellent English and is responsible for assisting Chiara in our operations department. During the year she has many diverse roles to play within the compa…

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Our youngest and most recent addition to Avventure Bellissime, worked as a seasonal worker for the company over the last two years during the busier summer months. Due to her diligence and hard work, we decided to offer a full-time position as she continues to develop within the company. Unlike our other employees, we discovered Giorgia at our local Land …

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Born in a small town near Padua, she has been working in Sales since she left high school in 2000. After some years of hard working in a company near her home, she decided to leave the job to go to the University of Padua where she took her degree in Foreign Languages for the International Communication in 2010. She is a positive and enthusiastic person, and…

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Avventure Bellissime Company History

Founded in 1998, owners Monica & Jonathan started Avventure Bellissime operating small group day tours of the Veneto from Venice.

During those early days, when they enjoyed a very close rapport with their clients, they learned what their guests wanted from their vacations in Italy and through their own desires and intuition they established the direction in which to develop their company.

In 2002, Avventure Bellissime became the first Walking Tour company in Venice. Incredible, but true, in a tourist mecca like Venice, Avventure Bellissime was the first tour company to offer guided boat tours of the Grand Canal and a comprehensive selection of walking tours throughout the city.

A niche in the market that Monica & Jonathan further developed by offering quality tours at the most economical prices. In Venice, and continuing throughout Italy, Monica & Jonathan have built up an impressive group of collaborators; local expert guides, local expert driver / guides with fully licensed vehicles and other service providers who like themselves passionately believe in providing visitors to Italy a unique insider's view of the city or region that they call home.

In 2004, Avventure Bellissime expanded their Italian network offering small group regular scheduled tours in Rome & Florence, and private tours throughout Italy from Milan to Naples. As the company's business continued to expand at a phenomenal rate, Monica & Jonathan decided to invest in technology to manage the increased demand for their services and to create the infrastructure through which they could continue grow while still remaining true to their core beliefs.

Gaining the respect of the travel industry and travelling public, Avventure Bellissime has continued to grow through the support of its faithful clientele, the numerous household name company's throughout the world that sell their tours and from the very important input and support given to them by their numerous collaborators throughout Italy who all feel as if they are part of this beautiful adventure. In 2007, over 60,000 individual travelers took an Avennture Bellissime tour.

And now, in 2009, Avventure Bellissime have continued to develop their services to offer vacation packages of Italy. Combining their vast selection of tours, transfers and other services throughout Italy with prestigious hotels to create "Quality Vacation Packages at Affordable Prices". Now their clients can enjoy the Avventure Bellissime experience throughout their stay in Italy.

And finally with the launch of their new website in 2009, they have managed to realize the image that reflects the type of professional service they offer prospective clients planning to visit Italy.