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Transfers and Ground Services

Avventure Bellissime offers many varied transfers from Rome including transfers to Florence, the Amalfi Coast & Venice to name a few. On these Rome transfers we include a three-hour stopover en route so you can make the most of you vacation visiting places en route from one city to another. Our ground services also include organizing vacation packages and mini-tours of Italy which are very popular with cruise ship passengers looking to extend their vacation in Italy.

PRIVATEPrice varies with size of group

Private Rome to Amalfi Transfer Tour

6 hours

Private Rome Amalfi Transfers, include a 3-hour stop en route to enjoy tours of Pompeii before arriving in Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi

FROM 124.87

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PRIVATEPrice varies with size of group

Private Rome to Florence Transfer Tour

6-7 hours

Private Rome Florence Transfers include a 3-hour stop en route in Tuscany to enjoy tours of Siena, the Chianti Wine region or shopping outlets

FROM 111.12

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PRIVATEPrice varies with size of group

Private Rome to Venice Transfer Tour

9 hours

Private Rome Venice Transfers include a 3-hour stop to enjoy tours of Florence, Tuscany or Bologna en route on transfers to Venice from Rome

FROM 140.06

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Italy Highlights Transfer & Tour Package

Open Itinerary

Budget open-plan tours of Italy including 7- small group tours between Rome, Florence & Venice, Private Transfers & 1st-Class reserved train tickets

FROM 726.00

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Taste of Italy Transfer & Tour Package

6 days

Budget Italy tour packages with 3-small group tours between Rome & Florence, Private Transfers, & 1st Class reserved train tickets on hi-speed trains

FROM 555.00

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Seven Wonders Transfer & Tour Package

8 days

Visit all the major highlights of Italy with private Italy transfers, small group tours, & 1st Class train tickets - booking your own hotels

FROM 1102.00

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Cinque Terre Transfer & Tour Package

9 days

Visit Rome, Florence, Venice & the Cinque Terre with Private Transfers, Small Group Tours & 1st Class Train Travel

FROM 815.00

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Enchanting Italy Transfer & Tour Package

11 Days

Fully loaded open-plan program of Italy transfers & tours for travelling from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Cinque Terre & Venice

FROM 1025.00

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Rome, Amalfi & Florence Transfer Tour Package

8 days

Book your own hotels, and we'll take care of the rest so you can enjoy first-class vacations in Italy based on your budget

FROM 720.00

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