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Discover Vicenza

Appreciate the architecture of Andrea Palladio in the form of numerous palaces, the Basilica of Vicenza, the Olympic Theater and the nearby Villa Rotonda. In addition to private walking tours of Vicenza, it's also possible to enjoy tours of Vicenza as part of special Palladian themed day tours and excursions departing from Venice that feature the Villa Rotonda & Villa Godi by Andrea Palladio, and a walking tour of Vicenza combined with an excursion along the Brenta River Canal to admire numerous Villa's including Andrea Palladio's Villa Malcontenta all in one glorious day with an expert Palladian guide.

PRIVATEPrice varies with size of group

Private Vicenza & Palladio Walk

3 hours

Discover the city of Andrea Palladio & the Villa Rotonda to enjoy captivating walking tours of Vicenza to celebrate the architecture of Palladio

FROM 33.50

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PRIVATEPrice varies with size of group

Private Palladio Vicenza & Villa Rotonda Excursion

7-8 hours

Venice Palladio day tours to Vicenza to tour the Villa Rotonda, Olympic Theater and a walking tour of Vicenza with an expert Palladian guide

FROM 134.14

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