Venetian Recipes

A selection of Venetian cooking recipies that form the tradtion and base of typical dishes enjoyed by Venetians in the city of Venice. These dishes are prepared in many of the typical restaurants, trattoria's and Osteria's that you'll find in Venice.

A selection of popular Venetian cooking recipes found in Venice, Italy:

Gnocchi di Melanzane
1 kg Aubergines
250g type 00 flour
3 egg yolks
parmigiano reggiano
oregano and salt
Peel the aubergines, cut in to pieces, salt and leave for 1 hour. Squeeze aubergines, dip in flour and fry in oil. Let them cool, put in blender and mix until a well-blended mixture is created. Then, add the remaining ingredients and mix. Fill a pastry bag, cut 2cm pieces and cook in salted water. Dress with fresh tomato sauce and garnish with some squares of previously fried aubergines.

Fillet with Mustard
150g Fillet
1 tspn of meat sauce
add cognac for taste
1 tsp of colber mustard
salt and pepper
2 dl cream
Brown the fillet and fambe the cognac. Add the meat sauce, mustard and cream. When a rich cream sauce is obtained, serve with a side dish of sautéed potatoes.

Tagliatelle with Crab and Asparagus tips
10 asparagus tips
1 crab boiled and stripped fresh
120g of egg tagliatelle
1 finely chopped onion
1 egg yolk
extra virgin olive oil
parsley and brandy
Brown the asparagus tips. Then, separately add oil with the finely chopped onion, brown lightly, and add the crab meat. Fry lightly. Add the pepper and a little brandy. Remove from the heat, cool and add the egg yolk without letting it curdle. Mix, and add the asparagus tips. Then, taste, add salt if necessary and parsley and the tagliatelle cooked al dente. Sautè adding the pasta with sauce, finish cooking and serve.

Bass Gondola in a Potato Tart with Taggiasche Olives
1 medium bass
1 potato
8 / 10 “taggiasche olives”
extra virgin olive, salt and pepper to your personal taste
Open the bass from the back, and remove the bone, chest, and entails. Lay the fish on a previously oiled plate, arrange thinly sliced potatoes on the flesh, sprinkle with oil, salt and pepper. Complete by adding the taggiasche olives and bake at 180° for 12-15 minutes.

Marinate Mullet with Raspberry Vinegar and Flavored Vegetables
8 Mullets 6 bay leaves 200g Raspberries
1 fennel 30g Honey 2 carrots
2 celery hearts 200 ml Prosecco 300 ml white wine vinegar
20 cl of Garlic oil 4 twigs of Thyme 200 ml of red wine vinegar
60cl of Olive Oil Salt and Pepper Juice of 4 oranges
2 twigs of sweet cicely
Bone the mullets and marinate for one hour in the red wine and prosecco. Prepare the raspberry vinegar with white vinegar, raspberries and honey. Blanch a julienne of orange peel, celery and carrots perfumed with the bay leaves in sour water.

Cool in a dry cloth. Prepare a 200 ml of Orange juice. On a pyrex dish place half the vegetables, thyme, sweet cicely and bay leaves, dress the fillets with the stomach facing upwards, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and a little garlic perfumed oil.

Arrange the rest of the vegetables, thyme, sweet cicely, laurel and orange wedges on the mullets and cover with raspberry vinegar, orange juice and olive oil. Let it marinate for eight hours. Place the eight mullet fillets in the shape of a fan on the plate, cover with their sauce garnish with vegetables and fresh raspberry.

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