Getting around Venice

How to get around Venice, a city where all the streets are full of water provides different challenges for those planning to visit the most unique city in the world. Tips and advice on public transprtation in Venice, waterbuses in Venice (typically known as Vaporetto or Vaporetti), walking in Venice, travelling by boat from Venice to the Venice islands and Marco Polo airport

In a city built in the middle of a lagoon, where the streets are all full of water, transportation is limited to public water-buses, private water-taxi's, and Traghetti (Large Gondola's used at various points to cross the Grand Canal). The only other means of getting around Venice is walking.

While the latter is less recommended when you arrive carrying or pulling your luggage, to truly explore Venice and to enjoy it at its best it's best to walk. Most tourists visiting Venice spend all their time within the triangle formed by Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge & the Accademia bridge. But, Venice has the largest of all historical centres in Italy, and is a city waiting to be discovered by the intrepid traveller.

You'll discover the further you get away from the crowds the more beautiful and intriguing the city will become. Just as the Venetians do themselves, wander off get lost amongst the myriad of streets and canals where you'll feel as if you have all the charm and charisma of the city to yourselves.

As you walk around the city you'll find useful Traghetti (Public Gondola Routes) that cross the Grand Canal at various strategic points to enable you to carry on exploring Venice on foot without having to use the often crowded public-water buses. These public gondolas are very popular with Venetians saving them time as they commute to work or school.

The most popular Traghetto routes are between San Tomà & Sant'Angelo, Rialto Market & Strada Nuova, and from Campo San Giglio across to the Salute Church. Each ride costs 1.20 Euro a trip, and is by far the cheapest way to travel by traditional Venetian Gondola in Venice.

The back-bone of the public transport system in Venice are public water-buses that provide services that cover all the districts of the city of Venice, travel from Venice to the Venetian Islands & the mainland, as well as water-buses from Venice to Marco Polo airport.

For full details on the water-bus service in Venice, to learn about the various routes that the water-buses operate, their schedules and cost. With over 24 million visitors a year, the water-bus service is quite often overwhelmed by the demand at certain times of the day when the locals especially are using the same water-buses to commute to and from work.

If possible try to avoid using waterbuses between 8am and 10am, and 5 pm until 7 pm when they are usually at their worst with barely enough room to stand, let alone space for those with luggage. Tickets or passes should be pre-purchased prior to boarding the water-bus.

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