Venice Car Parks & ParkingĀ 

Tips and advice on car parks and parking in Venice for tourists arriving by car into Venice. Car Parks can be found close to the city center of Venice, on the mainland or you could opt to stay in a hotel on the mainland with a car park

All forms of wheeled transportation, not only cars, but bicycles, skateboards and even motorized wheelchairs are banned in Venice where the streets are full of water, & the narrow alleyways make any such type of transportation impractical. You have several choices as far as Parking in Venice is concerned.

Most people arriving by car in Venice will follow the road signs directly to the city centre. Crossing the "Ponte Della Liberta", the 5-kilometer bridge that spans the causeway between mainland Italy and the city of Venice encircled by its lagoon, you'll automatically have several choices as to where to drive once you cross this bridge.

The first option will be to turn right and to travel down to Tronchetto Island which you'll see off to your right as you drive into Venice with its multi-story car parks and cruise ship's docked beside it looks like it was built last week in comparison to the rest of the city.

Here at Tronchetto Island you'll find the car ferry to take you and your vehicle to the Lido of Venice, along with the cheapest long-stay and short stay parking attached directly to the city. Expert to pay 20 Euro and more to park here for the day.

After the turning for Tronchetto Island, there's another right turn down to the Cruise Port of Venice and this is where you should head if you're travelling from Venice by boat on a car ferry to Greece or other Mediterranean destinations.

Then, afterwards, you descend into Piazzale Roma which is the main bus station of Venice. Here you'll find several large car parks with prices starting from 28 Euro and up a day. You'll find all the car parks on your right and if you continue down towards Piazzale Roma you'll come to a small mini-roundabout where you can either turn right to check other car parks or turn left to head back to the mainland.

After parking, if you're heading to a hotel near Piazza San Marco you'll be better off parking at Tronchetto as you can take a public water-bus directly from Tronchetto via the Guidecca canal and so avoiding all the crowds as you make a discrete, but very fulfilling entry into the city admiring all the landmarks of Venice on the way to Piazza San Marco.

For rental car drivers returning their car's to the rental company in Venice, always try to drop off your car at Piazzale Roma, as you'll be within a few meters of the main water-bus lines in the city and may even be able to walk directly to your hotel.

For those who are planning to stay in Venice several days the car parking fees in Venice can be very expensive and have a considerable affect on your budget. There's a solution though for those who don't mind a little challenge. As you drive into Venice, just before the bridge, you can turn right onto Via Righi where you can park your car for only 5 Euro a day.

And from Via Righi it takes 5-minutes to arrive in the city by public bus. If you're travelling with family why not drop them in Piazzale Roma, and then drive back out of Venice to Via Righe to park your car!

There are also numerous hotels to suit all budgets and tastes on the mainland that offer free car parking, from where you can catch a local bus to get to Venice.

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