Vatican and Ancient Rome Tour with skip the line tickets

Small group super saver combo limited to 8 people including Vatican , Sistine Chapel , San Peter's Basilica , Colosseum and Ancient forum

Highlights and what's included

  • Skip the queue tickets to the Colosseum, Constantine’s Arch, Ancient Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica
  • Tours take place in small groups of 8 people per guide
  • Tours led by our experienced guides
  • Access to the rooms by Raphael – usually not available to larger tour groups
  • Qualification for our super saver 10% discount when booking this combination (compared to booking the tours individually)


Avventure Bellissime’s tours of the Vatican and Ancient Rome offer the traveller the option of skipping the queues and touring the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Constantine’s Arch and the Ancient Roman Forum. Then in the second tour we will complete your comprehensive tour of Rome by taking you inside the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basillica and the rooms by Raphael – a sight not available to larger tour groups.

Our tours offer you a more in-depth experience and you will be in the expert hands of our licensed and experienced tour guides – who all have a background in art, history and archaeology.

By booking this combination of both the Vatican and Ancient Rome tour you will qualify for our super saver 10% discount (compared to booking the tours individually).

Why book an Avventure Bellissime tour?

Our tours offer you a more personalised and in-depth experience. You will have all the time you need to experience the beauty of the Vatican and Ancient Rome – we make sure you can soak up the atmosphere of this special trip.
Our experienced guides go the extra mile, using ipads to illustrate our stories and explanations. Since you are in a small group, our guides also have far more time to interact with you and answer any questions you may have.

Let’s take a look at what your tours will include:

Ancient Rome tour – 8.45am-11.45am
During this three-hour tour you’ll be walking in the company of our licensed expert guide in the Colosseum who will help you visualize what it would have been like to be part of a 50,000 strong audience witnessing the showmanship of the Gladiators. From there you will move on to visit the Palatine Hill and then Constantine’s Arch – a triumphal arch which dates back to 315AD.
And afterwards, you will survey the ruins of the Ancient Roman Forum, where our guide will tell you about the period’s defining historical moments. Through our guides, you will be able to understand exactly what it was like to live in Rome over 2,000 years ago.

Vatican and Sistine Chapel tour – 1pm – 5pm
Accompanied once again by our expert tour guide you will see the most important highlights of this historic site.
Since you are part of a small tour group, we’ll be able to show you the confined spaces of the Rooms by Raphael – other, larger tour groups are unable to include this on their intinery. Our tour guide is an expert in art history and will interpret Raphael’s works, including how he expressed his admiration for his great rival, Michaelangelo.
A significant proportion of the tour will be spent in the Sistine Chapel where you can hear about its transformation into one of the world’s most important artisitc creations. We’ll also share the story behind the conflict between two key figures of the Renaissance – Michaelangelo and Pope Julius II.
We will spend time in the Vatican museums which hold significant collections of art built up by the Popes throughout the period. The collection includes some of the most renowned structures and masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world.
Finally, the tour will take you to St. Peter’s Basillica where you can see Bernini’s Papal canopy and Michaelangelo’s pietà. Throughout, our guide will tell you all about the history of the first Pope – the tale of a simple fisherman – through to the extravagance of the renaissance period popes

Other info

  • Rucksacks are NOT allowed anymore inside Colosseum and Ancient Forum!!!! As there is not deposit area in the vicinity, avoid taking any rucksack
  • You can take these two tours over two days. At the time of booking you just need to enter in the comments field your preference of the days you would like to take each tour.
  • These tours are of historical areas and are not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities. However, please contact us directly and we will be able to take you on alternative routes suitable for you.
  • At times one of the attractions included might be closed without notice. No refunds are available as these events are beyond our control.
  • Please wear confortable footwear as this tour involves a lot of walking.
  • There is a dress code for St Peter’s Basillica. No shorts or sleeveless tops are allowed.
  • The cost of the tour does not include gratuities or hotel pick up and drop off.
  • Tour operates with a minimum of 4 participants.

Meeting Point

Our Ancient Rome tour starts from outside the Colosseum metropolitan station, by the newspaper green kiosk on the right side where you will find our guide holding a board with Avventure Bellissime Ancient rome tour written on it.
Our Vatican & Sistine chapel tour starts from outside the entrance to the Vatican Museums where you will find our guide holding a sign with Vatican Tour written on it

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Reviewed by Christine and Ron on
Just taking a few minutes to thank you for the amazing tours we booked with your agency. The first one was on June 15th. We had booked the Vatican Tour for that afternoon. We met Francesca at the doors of the Vatican Museum and spent the most informative 3plus hours with her. She was so knowledgeable about all facets of the tour, as well as very friendly and easy to understand. By the end of the tour she was like family to us and the rest of the group ( whom she had been with in the morning). I loved how she used her iPad to help explain what we were going to visit and see. It allowed us to zoom in on things we might have otherwise missed. Great idea!
My husband Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed her company and her manner of conducting a tour. It was a highlight of our trip to Rome. And she was responsible for that!

The second tour was the Coliseum and the Forum Tour. We booked that for Friday, June 17th.This time we had a guide named Barbara. Our small group of four toured delightfully with her!!! She too was a wealth of information and skillfully kept us moving so we were never stuck in a massive crowd of people. Her knowledge of what we saw was extensive and extremely interesting. She never pressured us to move faster than we wanted, and allowed for picture taking and conversation/questions etc..

Both tour guides are lovely young women who love what they do and really know their "stuff". They are enthusiastic about their job and the history of Rome. They are very personable and we commend them on the great job they did.

We are so happy we booked the small group tours!
Reviewed by Alison on
Hello, and thanks for contacting me about my tour experience.

My husband and I booked tour services in Venice and Rome, and we're so happy we did. While I don't remember everyone's names, the walking tour in Venice was led by a charismatic, very knowledgeable guide who spoke impeccable English. We learned while we explored and were encouraged to ask questions. Wonderful experience!

The last guided tour for us that day was a boat tour of the palaces. Again, the guide was knowledgeable, happy to answer all questions, and showed us a part of Venice we would never have seen on our own. The best part was learning about the engineering genius that has allowed a city of islands to remain in almost pristine condition for over 1,600 years.

Our last tour, in Rome, was led by Francesca and was the highlight of our stay in Rome. She seemed to be an expert in Roman history, art, and the Vatican. Again, we found our guide to be responsive to questions, willing to point out the more important items we might have simply walked past after a quick glance, and she had a wonderful sense of humor.

Overall our experience with our tour guides was amazing and very much appreciated. We will recommend Avventure Bellissime's services to friends and acquaintances who we know are planning to travel to Italy in the future.

Thanks again!
Reviewed by Ryan on
I was very happy with my tours. They were very well organised and informative and Francesca was an excellent guide. I was very happy with both tours and I would highly recommend Francesca.
Reviewed by Andrew on
This tour is awesome! A small group tour was the perfect way to see these historic sites. My wife and I were on a tour with a total of 6 people, which we really loved. This allowed us a much more intimate look at all of the sites. Our tour guide Francesca was perfect! She was extremely knowledgable and provided a fun and entertaining tour. She also did a great job of finding quiet places to sit down and educate us as we went through the different locations.

I would most certainly recommend this tour to anyone looking to see the sites of Rome!
Reviewed by Shantel on
Just wanted to send a review back and let you know how really enjoyed our tours.

In Florence, our guide was fantastic – Antonia, I think. She was our guide all day and we really enjoyed her and very easy to understand, she gave us a lot of great information, but made sure not to overload us, it was just right.

In Rome, we had a great guide as well, a little bit more difficult to understand, but still very good. I can’t recall her name right now, it is at home, but she was really great, too. She walked at a nice pace and gave us a lot of good information as well.

In Venice, our tours were great as well. Our guide was very good, just like the others. Nothing negative to say about any of them.

I am really glad that we booked the tours, it made our trip much better. I would definitely recommend Avventure Bellissime to others.
Job well done!
Reviewed by Stephen J on
We had a fantastic time on both the Ancient Rome and Vatican tours! Our guides were extremely informative while adding dimensions to our trip we would not have experienced if we adventured into these amazing sites by ourselves. We booked for the skip the lines tickets but enjoyed it much more than our expectations. Great job and we will be contacting you guys again on our next European vacation!!
Reviewed by John and Carolyn on
We did both the "Small Group Vatican & Sistine Chapel Tour & Small Group Walking Tour of Ancient Rome. On both tours we had Francesca as our guide. She was excellent. Her knowledge and passion for the sights we were seeing was incredible, and we liked the way she added a little humour along the way. She used her IPad & Illustrated books to fully explain things, and kept the tour moving at a steady pace. At no time did we feel rushed. Somehow, she managed to find a quiet corner to explain things to us, even in the busiest places. These were two of the best tours we have done. We are so glad we used Avventure Bellissime for these tours.
Reviewed by Kevin and Nadia on
Booking from the US, one of the difficult decisions we had to make was if we should take guided tours while we were in Rome.

Did we really need a guide?

Could we trust what the tour company said they would deliver?

Would the guide really be knowledgeable about the places we would be visiting?

We took a deep breath and took the plunge and booked the combo Vatican and Ancient Rome tours.

Fast forward to the day of our tours, there we were on a cool Spring morning in Rome opposite the Colosseum to meet our tour guide. And there he was! LUCA!

He was to be our guide for both tours, so we spent the better part of the day together.

We had an amazing day, his knowledge of the sights, historical timelines, art history, civilization statistics, where to eat lunch, which vantage point to take the best pictures, who had loved who in ancient times, why this was this way and that was that way, we had a blast with him!

He was happy to answer questions and give great in depth answers too.

Thanks Luca!

Both tours had a small group of only 8 people each so it was perfect.

Highly recommend this company, they really deliver the goods.

Kevin and Nadia
Reviewed by Yatin Sony on
We took the guided tour for Vatican and Colosseum through Avventure. Both tours were great with knowledgeable guides who made the 7 hour tour very very interesting. It was full value for money and the guide ended up showing us things that were not part of the tour too. As promised by them the tour group was small with individual attention paid to each member of the tour. I will highly recommend this company for guided tours in Rome.
Reviewed by Bushra on
The Vatican city tour was great, however there was some mismanagement of time in the morning tour 'Ancient Rome tour' . Our guide took 2 hrs 30 mints in collosseum only and we had very little time for visiting the hill and Roman forum so Luca-our guide was in rush to take us there and after that for the lunch. Overall the tour was good and Luca was informative, friendly and active.
Reviewed by Giovanni and Melissa Anderson on
My wife and I booked this tour for our 4-day trip to Rome. Initially, we were a bit skeptical about booking online since we have had bad experiences in the past. Fortunately, this tour was an absolute SUCCESS! Franchesca was fabulous!!! She was professional, punctual, friendly and patient. She answered all our questions in detail and had excellent reference materials for us to follow (books, I-Pad, map). She is the example of outstanding customer service. Franchesca took pride in her work and it was very obvious. I am currently bragging to family and co-workers about our experience during the tour. I will definitely recommend Avventure Bellisime and Franchesca to any family member or friend wishing to visit and tour Rome. Simply FANTASTIC!!

Thank you!

Giovanni and Melissa Anderson
Reviewed by Joseph & Roxanne on
Just wanted to let you know we had an excellent day of touring Rome's Colosseum and Vatican with our tour guide Barbara. She was very accommodating and informative. We learned so much about the history and culture of Rome and thoroughly enjoyed our time at each location. She answered every question with interest and depth of knowledge and made our tour a memorable one. Thank you
Reviewed by Greg H. on
We booked the 3 different tours of Rome and absolutely loved Franchesca. She was simply outstanding as a guide, as she has the reference books, iPad pictures, and history for every single historical site we visited. If you can get Francesca, you will not be disappointed. We especially loved her commentary on the Colosseum and Vatican, and totally enjoyed our van tour in the evening and visit to a local restaurant for food and wine. Thank you, Franchesca, for a simply perfect day in Rome. It was educational and more importantly, FUN. Regards, the Hilbert tour group.
Reviewed by William and Joann T on
Hello Avventure Bellissime,
We wanted write to you in particular to thank you for a great tour, and in particular we wanted to compliment our tour guide in Rome. Francesca was an excellent guide for us at the Vatican and also Ancient Rome. She really explained things well and we felt very lucky to have her. We took some pictures with her, which we have enclosed. Please pass them on to her with our many thanks again!

Kind regards,
William and Joann T
Reviewed by Olof and Marie on
We where very fortunate to have Sergio as our tourguide for this tour! He made it extremely interesting while he had such big knowledge in Rome's history that he gladely shared with us! We strongly recommend this tour!
Reviewed by Frank and Linda on
We had a wonderful tour of the Colosseum and Palatino Hill with Francesca! We learned so much on this tour in early May 2014. Highly recommend! It was at a good pace and a small group. Great experience. Francesca was easy to understand and really knows her stuff! The next day we toured The Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica with Luca! Luca was so passionate and knowledgeable! It's an exhausting tour..... so much to see! But you simply must do all of these! Best tour guides!!!
Reviewed by Liz on
I absolutely enjoyed the tours with Barbara for the Vatican & Sistine Chapel and with Francesca for the Colosseum & Palatino hill tour. They were wonderful and we had a very nice small group, everyone was very social and friendly. 2 THUMBS UP for your company. I will definitely use your business again. Thank you very much.
Reviewed by Barry Smith on
This was excellent. Luca was clearly a very experienced guide with an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject. His tour was an ideal mix of information and humour, conducted at an ideal pace.
Reviewed by Thomas - 30 November 2013 on
It was a pleasure to have Luca give us a tour of the Vatican and Colosseum. The tour was well organized, very educational and my wife and I felt actively involved and genuinely cared about throughout the entire tour. I would highly recommend doing this and hope to book with Avventure Bellissime again in the future.
Reviewed by Nancy - 21 September 2013 on
Both tours were great. Appreciated guide's knowledge. Guide was patient, friendly and helpful. We had one person in wheelchair for Vatican tour and he was most considerate and worked hard to accommodate her without inconveniencing the rest of the group. Very sweet person and knew what he was doing. Recommended. Thanks Sergio!
Reviewed by Tajul - 9 September 2013 on
The tour has been quite an enterainting and educating one, epsecially with our tour guide Francheca has been so resourceful and such a fun to be with. I do definitely recommend this tour. To discover anciant Rome and Vatican this is The Tour
Reviewed by Jennifer - 17 August 2013 on
The Vatican tour was quite amazing and Luca our guide was the best! We learned so much and saw everything we wanted to see. We would book again with your tours. Thank you!
Reviewed by Deborah - 23 September 2013 on
Loved the Ancient Rome tour and are looking forward to the Vatican on Wednesda. Franchesca was a wounderful guide!
Reviewed by Mohsen - 27 September 2013 on
It was a very nice day with Sergio, took enough time to explain as much as he can during the duration of the tours. Hopefully my tours with you tomorrow in Venezia will be as good as rome
Reviewed by Margaret - 2 October 2013 on
Great tour! Sergio went above & beyond to share the history, and to help with logistics in between when traffic got in the way. We had a great time and would recommend Avventure Bellissime and Sergio in particular to everyone. Thanks.
Reviewed by Kathleen - 4 October 2013 on
Sergio did an amazing job. He is incredibly knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed our morning tour with him. The afternoon tour was too crowded. there were about 17 of us, the Vatican was crammed packed. Several times we literallly couldn't walk but were pushed back against the walls because of all the crowds. Lucca did his best to keep us all together. We were hoping to climb to the top of the dome but it had already closed by the time we finished the tour.
Reviewed by George - 2 October 2013 on
This was the second tour we took and it was even better than the first one because it was longer. Luca (our guide) was funny and informative. He made us feel like we were there in Ancient Rome. He was professional but informative. I don't think we could have gotten a better guide.
Reviewed by Sarah - 25 September 2013 on
This tour might have been our favorite of the many that we took with your company (which is really saying something). You must know Luca is a superb guide. Oh! I would add the word "drinking" to the fountain that was described as the meeting place, as we were looking for a big memorial fountain or something.
Reviewed by Michael - 16 October 2013 on
Sergio was our guide both in the morning & the afternoon tour we did with your company, he was very engaging, informative & we loved his passion that he displayed & he had sooo much information about everything we saw...his recall of dates, names, events etc was remarkable, 10 out of 10, we had a huge day of touring which went very fast, being so engaged by Sergio. We think he is amazing & would recommend others to do his tours... Many thanks Michael & Vicki McFarland. Australia
Reviewed by Cyntia - 4 November 2013 on
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to tour both the Vatican and Ancient Rome with what must have been your 2 best guides: Sergio and Luca...I am sorry if I slaughtered their names.
These 2 gentlemen were wonderful story-tellers and fascinating historians who made everything about the tour bigger, better, and more intriguing than the sites already are on their own.
I have already recommended your group to a set of friends who plan to visit Rome this Christmas.
In comparison to other tours I enjoyed while in Rome and Florence, I found Avventure Bellissime more professional, more personal, and more fun!
Reviewed by Cynthia - 16 October 2013 on
the guide was excellent. I learned a lot during the time spent with him and would recommend the company.
Reviewed by Rosemary - 11 October 2013 on
We missed the coliseum tour because of poor communication and lack of transportation that we had requested from our hotel. The tour guide did a good job.
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