Private Vatican and Sistine Chapel Tour

Private Vatican Tours include in-depth tours of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Church

Highlights and what's included

  • Local Expert guide
  • Skip the Line tickets to the Vatican museum
  • Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Rafael Rooms, Michelangelo's Pieta, St. Peter's church and much more


On our Private 4-hour tours of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel, as we tour the intimate private apartments of Julius II decorated by Rafael, we'll discuss the lives of the great artists who worked at the Vatican, and the rivalry that existed between Rafael & Michelangelo as they worked side-by-side to create their masterpieces.

With the in-depth knowledge that our private tour guides possess, you'll be able to interpret together the great works of art on display at the Vatican. In the Sistine Chapel, where we will allow as much time as possible to admire Michelangelo's famous frescoes, you'll learn about the intense relationship between Pope Julius II and Michelangelo that drove the artist to create the greatest work of Art the world has ever known. You'll be able to appreciate how the paintings of the Sistine Chapel evolved and how Michelangelo's own character changed during this Herculean task, as the world around him was thrown into turmoil.

Throughout our Private Tours of the Vatican & the Sistine Chapel your expert guide will entertain you with anecdotes about the famous Popes; you'll learn about the conclave and the election of Popes, their love of art & their glamorous lifestyles during the Renaissance when St. Peter's & the Vatican were refurbished to splendor and magnificence we see today.

Our private tours of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel continues in the vast open spaces of St. Peters Basilica where a treasure of precious works of art await to be discovered. We'll discuss Michelangelo's stunning Pieta, that created the desire within Pope Julius II to contact the young artist for other more important works he had in mind. And while admiring Bernini's impressive Papal Canopy, a legacy left to the Basilica by the Barberini family we'll learn the justification behind a famous Roman saying "What the barbarians didn't do, the Barberini did!"

As you tour St. Peter's Basilica, designed by Michelangelo's great rival Bramante, you'll understand how the great architect rediscovered ancient roman building techniques to realize a colossal church of such unprecedented magnificence that was fine tuned by the genius of the Renaissance - Michelangelo. In St. Peter's Square, your private tour of the Vatican & the Sistine Chapel will conclude as you admire Michelangelo's Dome and the marvelous colonnades designed by Bernini that embrace the spectators who come to witness important Papal ceremonies. And listen to the life story of a simple fisherman who became the first Pope of Christianity - St. Peter.

Other info

  • This tour is of a historical area and is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities. However, please contact us directly and we will be able to take you on alternative routes suitable for you.
  • Important: on Wednesdays St. Peter's Basilica is closed in the morning for Papal Audience. The tour will feature more on the Vatican Museums.
  • At times, St. Peter’s Basilica closes without notice. No refunds are available as these events are beyond our control.
  • There is a dress code for St Peter’s Basillica. No shorts or sleeveless tops are allowed.
  • Meeting Point

    Your English speaking guide will come and meet you outside the entrance to the Vatican Museums holding a sign with your name written on it

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Reviewed by Adeline B on
I would like to thank all your staff for the outstanding job you have done in making our vacation in Italy one we'll will always remember fondly. Your accommodations were top notch from the automobiles used to all the guides. We had Luca on our Vatican tour and he got us through with no problems, was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. We also had Max on our tour of Tuscany, Max was also very informative and made us all feel right at home. Our tour guide to the Amalfi coast and Pompeii was Oliver, we enjoyed Oliver the most, he kept us entertained and informed throughout the entire trip. He had become one of the family by the time he returned us safely to our apartment.

We can not express how important it is to be in a foreign land and to be made to feel like you are right at home. That was our experience with your company. I will highly recommend your service to anyone looking for a personalized and special experience when visiting Rome. In fact I already have a few possible candidates coming your way.

Thank you again for the wonderful memories you have provided my family and myself.
Reviewed by Rich B on
great tour the best I have had in Italy
Reviewed by Ida and Alfonso Tino on
Francesca, our tour guide, made this one of the most memorable tours we have ever had. Her knowledge and sincere interest was amazing! She used her iPad to help explaine things that we might never have noticed on our own. We were able to carry that knowledge forward when viewing other sites on our own in Rome, for example, the code of arms of the Barberini, which includes three bumble bees, was evident in many places. We recommend this tour very highly!
Reviewed by Mark Mc. on
All 3 of our tours were excellent. We loved Irene Max and Francesca. They made Rome wonderful and Amalfi too. Five stars for all of them!!

Reviewed by Jason Hummel on
This was by far the highlight of our trip to Rome. We were extremely blessed to have Francesca as our tour guide. She was the BEST tour guide we have ever had and she made the tour what it was. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and provided us with an amazing experience. It was very special to be at the Vatican Easter weekend and this tour was so in depth and left us wanting more. When we return to Rome, we will definitely be using your company and will be requesting Francesca for every tour we take.
Reviewed by Thomas on
The tour was great & Luca was wonderful.
Reviewed by Barry - 10 September 2013 on
This was excellent. Luca was clearly a very experienced guide with an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject. His tour was an ideal mix of information and humour, conducted at an ideal pace
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