Small Group Renaissance & David Walk | Florence Tours

Enjoy this small group walking tour of Florence featuring skip the line tickets for Michelangelo's David

Highlights and what's included

  • Skip the line tickets to David at the Accademia Gallery
  • Expert licensed local guide for 3 hrs
  • Headphones (when more than 8 people)
  • Small group Max 12/14 people


Enjoy intimate small group walking tours through the historical city centre of Florence that include complimentary head-phones so that you can follow every word of your "LIVE" expert Florence Tour Guides commentary. This small group Florence walking tour, limited to a maximum of 14-people, follows a delightful route through the back-streets of Florence to see and discuss all the major land marks of the city.

During our Original Renaissance walking tours of Florence you will see and discuss the Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Davanzati, Palazzo Strozzi, the Duomo (Cathedral of Florence), Giotto's Bell Tower, Baptistery, Vasari Corridor, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio and many other important sites that will assist your expert Florence Guide narrate the history of Florence over the centuries.

Of course, our Original Renaissance Walking Tours of Florence pay particular attention to the Renaissnce period when Florence was heralded as the "New Athens". And when the world looked to Florence for inspiration in the fields of Art, Science and Philosophy. Relive those incredible years in the history of Florence, and learn about the notorious Medici Family and other famous personalities that played there role in the birth of the Renaissance as one of our expert Florence Tour Guides provides a lively and entertaining lecture style tour of Florence.

Skip the line tickets, walk straight into the Accademia where you'll enjoy an in-depth discussion on Michelangelo's David other works by the genius of the Renaissance. You'll appreciate the art and history backgrounds of our Licensed Expert Guides as they reveal the secrets behind one of Italy's most celebrated works of art. This small group walking tour of Florence will finish inside the Accademia allowing you to discover other precious works on display.

Other info

  • This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities. However, please contact us directly and we will be able to take you on alternative routes suitable for you.
  • At times, Museums close without notice. No refunds are available as these events are beyond our control.
  • Tour operates with a minimum of 4 participants.

Meeting Point

Your Florence Original Renaissance Walking Tour starts at Piazza Strozzi in front of the entrance of Palazzo Strozzi, where you will find your guide holding a sign with the name of the tour written on it

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Reviewed by Jane K on
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour through Florence with our tour guide, Caterine. She was incredibly knowledgeable and interesting. We saw the main attractions in Florence as well as some lesser known sites that gave us a well rounded view of the city. I highly recommend this tour!
Reviewed by Louise on
My husband and I attended the morning walking tour and skip the line Accademia tour with Antonella yesterday. She really showed us the best of the ‘hidden gems’ of the old city. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and humour ensured all 6 participants had a wonderful few hours. As we watched the large tour groups wander aimlessly through the narrow streets looking bored, I could only imagine the text-book style information delivery they must be getting. Antonella on the other hand, with her 6 participants could stand us on a corner and point out every detail of the 12th, 13th and 14th century buildings (and others of course) before we went for a closer inspection. One of the best tours we’ve done so far this trip. Thank you Antonella.
Reviewed by Barb on
Our small group 'David' tour was great. Antonella was our very informative and personable guide who knew how to handle the crowds of the four-day Republic holiday. When it was our scheduled time to go into the 'David' museum, there seemed to be some 'issue' with the guard not allowing our group to enter on time. Antonella did not let that dissuade her and within a few minutes we were all in the museum admiring all the beauty sculptures. Antonella's knowledge and passion are very evident and she is such and asset to your company. I must also add that we were not able to find the starting location of the tour easily and therefore we were late. Very fortunate for us that Antonella waited for us and we were so very glad she did!
Reviewed by Brian on
Antonella was a great guide to Florence. Our tour was on a national holiday, so there were large crowds at the Accademia, including a line of people waiting to skip the line. Antonella got to work immediately and in less than 10 minutes, she convinced one of the guards to let us jump ahead of everyone and get into the museum. Her insights into the history of the city also were very informative.
Reviewed by Jaime on
We signed up for this walking tour in mid-May 2015 and it was fun. Florence itself is not a big city so this tour was perfect to hit some of the main sites as well as some of the hidden gems on the back streets. Unfortunately for us, there was a race the morning of our tour so many streets were closed off, including the Ponte Vecchio. But our tour guide (I don't remember her name) did an amazing job. She was able to re-route us and maneuver us around the race and through the massive crowds of people (tourists and racegoers). Our favorite parts of this tour were the hidden gems, especially the church that used to be a grain market. We found this information to be interesting and fascinating and it gave us more of an appreciation for the city.
Our group size was about 15 people so we had to use the headphones. Our tour guide did a great job of describing what was going to be seen in the next block or two so that we could enjoy looking at it instead of trying to hear her over the roars of the crowds. I wish I remembered her name, but she did an amazing job!
The walking in this tour isn't very strenuous, you just have to be careful on the cobblestone streets.
Reviewed by Lynne and Graeme on
We very much enjoyed our morning walking tour (including Accademia and David) with Nicoletta in Florence. She was waiting for the group in the appointed place, was welcoming and efficient. She was informative and walked at a good pace, and gave us a great introduction to the amazing statue of David by Michelangelo, in the Accademia Gallery.
Reviewed by Diane on
We loved Antonella! She had such passion for the information she conveyed. It was a knowledgeable and fun tour.
Reviewed by Shabari on
Your tours and guides are always fantastic! I've been booking your tours since 7-8 yrs and they are the best.
Reviewed by Allyne T on
We had such an excellent time; our tour guide Katerina was absolutely wonderful.
Reviewed by Suzanne F on
We took a walking tour with Ida and really liked it. We thought Ida was awesome and we loved that the group was 8 people and we used the head phones. They make such a difference.
Reviewed by Peter E on
Antonella was a charming and knowledgable hostess and guide.

The tour intinerary was very interesting, showing as promised some hidden treasures and also, virtue of a splendid introduction, a real understanding of the history and growth of Florence and why so many important events and people originated from this area.

The tour enriched the rest of our stay. I would have no hesitation in recommending the tour to others, and I will certainly talk to my regular travel agent in the UK so that they can pass the knowledge onto their other clients,
Reviewed by JF Sydney Australia on
Hi Avventure folk

I did the walking tour with a visit to David on Sunday last as I recollect.

I was recommended to do this half day walking tour by a friend, who had done it some three years earlier and who reported that it was 'excellent'... Now, she is a harsh judge and I am an even harsher judge...

This tour wasn't good, it wasn't excellent, it was truly fantastic... Our guide was extraordinarily knowledgeable and she totally engaged the tour group in a challenging fashion by first pointing out something, then making us think about 'why is it so', before explaining why it is so.

There was a mix of knowledge of the tour group and yet all were engaged equally... I have since talked with other friends who were in Florence at the time and they did other tours. They were genuinely astonished at the added detail that we were provided...

I won't rabbit on and on about the tour in great detail, because if someone is reading this then they are considering the tour... I have one word for them... "this tour was fantastic value; it is knowledge packed and it provided a great background to the Firenze experience ".... and OK, so that might be slightly more than one word... but you have already got the message... and you don't have to be a rocket surgeon to work out my meaning.... unlike the meaning of the rings on the Strozzi Palace.. but that, as they say, is another story...
Reviewed by Jayne S on
We just had a wonderful tour with Antonella and look forward to the tour of the Uffizi with her this afternoon. She was excellent!
Reviewed by Carmen on
Thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour of Florence, small group Renaissance &David tour. Our guide, Antonella was excellent, very knowledgable & enthusiastic. She made Florence come alive. Would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewed by Murray on
Extremely good value and incredibly informative. Francesca took us through the Ages and immersed us in this wonderful city as it unfolded in front of us. Great contextual references that really placed you "in the moment". I'd thoroughly recommend this tour & recommend you do it on the first day as it will give you a great grounding as you continue to explore the city on your own after the tour. We will be using Avventure again!
Reviewed by Catherine on
We had an excellent tour led by the very enthusiastic, energetic, and knowledgeable Antonella. Not only did she teach many things about the history of Florence, but she ran back and forth in a rainstorm to get us into the Accademia. She then continued with the tour without a hesitation.
Reviewed by Carole O. on
We loved it. Seeing what not all see was incredible. Great guide
Reviewed by Elizabeth C on
Wonderful tour. GREAT GUIDE. Well worth the cost. Would do it again. Thanks, Elizabeth
Reviewed by Rani - 12 September 2013 on
Florence is a beautiful city and was brought to life by Angelina. We were not only shown the beautiful art and statues, but shown little things that you would not normally notice. Thank you again.
Reviewed by Deborah - 21 September 2013 on
Another great tour, our guide was funny and upbeat even with the challenges of the bicycle race going on. Looking forward to our tours in Rome and Pompeii
Reviewed by Sarah - 22 September 2013 on
It was great. Antonella was great. It was my first tour with headphones (followed by many more on the trip), and Antonella made good use of them. We loved all the sights.
Reviewed by Maurice - 12 September 2013 on
Our Original Renaissance walking tour was great. The tour guide - Caterina - had an excellent knowledge of Firenze history and made our tour both interesting and informative.
Reviewed by Dorothy - 19 September 2013 on
Excellent tour guide - would certainly recommend this tour.
Reviewed by Charles on
We enjoyed the tour with Michaela and getting an overview of Florence, it's history and skipping the line for the highlight - seeing the David at the Academies museum. The tour had to compete with a huge charity walk/run that was going on but didn't suffer any for it. In fact we got to see a parade of a ceremonial band in olden costumes - a treat that Michaela integrated into the tour nicely. Only suggestion to improve is the audio - often a lot of feedback when the mike was held too close to speaker's mouth.
Reviewed by Charles - 13 October 2013 on
We enjoyed the tour with Michaela and getting an overview of Florence, it's history and skipping the line for the highlight - seeing the David at the Academies museum. The tour had to compete with a huge charity walk/run that was going on but didn't suffer any for it. In fact we got to see a parade of a ceremonial band in olden costumes - a treat that Michaela integrated into the tour nicely. Only suggestion to improve is the audio - often a lot of feedback when the mike was held too close to speaker's mouth.
Reviewed by Susan - 29 October 2013 on
We loved our tour! Antonella was spectacular! We learned so much and Florence even more! Antonella was vibrant and very informative!
Reviewed by Lisa - 13 October 2013 on
Another great Avventure tour! Our guide Micaela was fantastic and we had a fun and enjoyable day in beautiful Florence.
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