Restaurants In Rome, Italy

Tourist information on selected restaurants and where to eat in Rome, Italy that include descriptions of the restaurants in Rome as well as certain dishes that these Rome restaurants are famous for serving to their clients.

Restaurant - Alfredo alla Scrofa

Via della Scrofa, 104
Rome, Italy

40 - 70 euro

Solemnly baptized the "King of Fettuccine" by overseas gourmets, at Alfredo's you can rediscover the magical atmosphere of Rome in the roaring sixties. On the walls of the restaurant are bedazzling selections of photographs of Hollywood stars who have eaten at the home of Pasta Alfredo, who indulged themselves in the taste of the famous fettuccine in triple butter sauce, invented by the first-generation Alfredo.

Other equally valid traditional specialties include mixed fried vegetables, rigatoni alla rigore ( a variation of amatriciana with ham) or one of the appetizing second courses consisting of both classic fish dishes and more imaginative creations like turbot alla duchessa ( with Zucchini, onion, and cherry tomato). 


Restuarant - Trattoria da Giggetto
Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 21/a
Rome, Italy

40 - 70 Euro

In the shadow of the ancient Portico d'Ottavia, the age-old roots of Rome's Jewish community are still today firmly planted and respected. Giggetto, run by the Ceccarelli family for three generations, is a faithful representation of the fundamental component of the Roman cuisine.

In a very suggestive atmosphere, Giggetto offers typical dishes of the local repertoire like the famous Jewish-style Artichokes, opened like a flower and cooked in boiling oil, Baccala (fried fillet of Cod), and courgette flowers filled Mozzarella and anchovies. 


Margutta Vegetarian Restaurant
Pzza Rondamini, 53,
Rome, Italy

30 - 60 Euro

The main meeting point for vegetarians in Rome, situated on the corner of the fascinating Via Margutta. Its menu boasts creative and witty dishes, realized by putting together an almost infinite series of combinations that the Mediterranean vegetable garden possesses; golden morsels of seitan with sesame, stringy lasagne with courgette flowers, black truffle and Mozzarella, crunch spinach and Parmesan strudel, or risotto with red radicchio and provolo cheese.


Restaurant Pancotto
Via s. Maria dell'Anima, 58
Rome, Italy

35 - 60 Euro

The famous "triangle of fun" behind Piazza Navona is the trendy location of the restaurant Pancotto, the ideal observatory to watch the evening parade of fashionable people and night-birds hanging out in a vanity fair. Pancotto's cuisine is young and effervescent, and thanks to Signora Irene the menu is constantly providing new and imaginative dishes.

Starting with appetizers like the classic eggplant parmesan to the chefs ravioli, soups with mussels and calamari. Original second courses are sea bass" in barchetta" (stuffed with cherry tomatoes and baked ) , roast pork with Barolo wine sauce.


Restaurant - Papa Re 
Lungaretta, 149
Rome, Italy

30 - 50 Euro

Located in Trastevere where popular traditions are their most lively we find the restaurant Papa Re. A cuisine based on pure Roman recipes awaits you. First courses include gnocchi with broccoli or carbonara and amatriciana by the book. Second courses range from Saltimbocca (link to menu items description) to oxtail, roast lab and salt cod fillets. Finish with one of their homemade desserts.


Restaurant Checchino dal 1887

Via del Monte, 30
Rome, Italy

45 - 70 Euro

In Testaccio, the popular heart of Rome, is Checchino dal 1887, a restaurant that does more than justice to the local cuisine. For over a century, the recipes of the area have been based on the various elaborations of scrap meat from the nearby slaughterhouse, namely heart, liver, pagliata, tail, lung and all the offals of which the fat has been reduced, rendering the dishes pleasing to even the most delicate of palates.

It's a humble cuisine, plebian and justly considered ingenious for its extraordinary capacity to ennoble the poor prime ingredients. Some examples of dishes are Rigatoni with pagliata, bucatini alla gricia, lamb alla cacciatore, accompanied by great wines from the very-well stocked cellar, dug out of the side of Monte Testaccio, an exceptional example of an artificial hill formed from the accumulation of broken ancient Roman amphorae. 


Restaurant Osteria dell Ingegno
Pzza di Pietro, 45
Rome, Italy

35 - 50 Euro

The restaurant Osteria dell'Ingegno is a chic, bistro-style restaurant in the splendid Piazza di Pietra characterized by its cozy design. Its name ( Osteria of Intelligence ) indicates the carefully thought-out cuisine and the degree of gastronomic research involved in the menu.

The rich variety of dishes follows the seasons; enjoy a fish carpaccio ( raw or steamed, with spicy fruit mustard), elegant homemade pasta such as Ravioli with borage and ricotta, taglioni with fresh water shrimp and fish ragu, or tortelli with chestnuts and goat cheese in a red wine sauce.


Restaurant La Terrazza dell'Eden
Via Ludovis, 49
Rome, Italy

90 - ???? Euro

Apart from the restaurant being one of the most prestigious in Rome, here you are also paying for a sensational view of the city as you stare across the skyline of Rome. Chef Enrico Derflingher, has prepared his masterpieces of Mediterranean lightness for the royal court of England and the Whitehouse.

Enjoy delightful dishes that provide a contrast of tastes such as the medallion of lobster with a puree of green apples and black truffle, taglioni pasta with saffron and loin of lamb in a crust of peppers and nettles.


Restaurant Hostaria Antica Roma
Via Appia Antica, 87
Rome, Italy

35 - 55 Euro

The setting of this restaurant , one of the oldest in Rome, is breathtaking. The Augustan-age columbarium ( Roman room for cinerary urns), immersed in the green of the Ancient Apian way and illuminated by candlelight, is the backdrop for Roman and Mediterranean cuisine.

Crepes filled with bass and zucchini, homemade lasagna with sword fish, cherry tomatoes with clams, baked pork with potatoes and Apicius flan cake ( a sort of crème caramel with milk, eggs, honey and freshly ground pepper).

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