Avventure Bellissime Staff

A company is only as good as it's employees! And at Avventure Bellissime we have been lucky enough to find a group of young, talented and hard working people who not only enjoy their jobs, but more importantly believe in what we are trying to achieve as a company. 


Monica - After working in public relations agency in the cosmopolitan city of Milan, Monica decided to travel the world. Spending time in London, she learnt the language and speaks English like a native. Later in the US, she met Jonathan and persuaded him to relocate to Italy to start Avventure Bellissime. Monica juggles many diverse roles within the company, while also being a mother of her and Jonathan’s daughter – Gaia. A native of Friuli, she possesses all the native traits of people from the north-east of Italy – hard-working, full of energy & enthusiasm, with a never say die attitude and more than a hint of Italian style and panachè that endears her to her colleagues and clients alike.


Jonathan - Jonathan, apart from a couple of years wandering around the world, has always worked in tourism. From reservations manager to guiding tour groups on hikes down into the Grand Canyon he brings a wealth of experience to Avventure Bellissime. Being co-owner of the company he’s involved in many facets of the company’s operations; managing the company’s website, developing new products and services, day to day operations in Venice and marketing are just a few of his many duties. When he has free-time he likes to travel, and enjoys going to rock festivals around Europe. 


Chiara - Has been working with Avventure Bellissime since 2010 and is responsible for managing the operation side of our business, making sure that all our tours operate as scheduled and processing reservations made by over 50,000 clients on an annual basis to ensure that our clients receive our best possible service at all times.

Born and raised near Venice, Chiara has worked in tourism since leaving school. Before joining Avventure Bellissime she worked in a travel agency where she enjoyed a wide variety of experiences that provided the ideal education for someone so young to take on her current responsibilities.   

Chiara has played an important role in the creation of our new website launched in 2014, fine tuning the back office  of the website through which she co-ordinates all the numerous tours, transfers, hotel reservations and other services the company provides on a daily basis.

An outgoing person, whose relaxed nature and composure under pressure helps maintain a calm and organized office during the most demanding times of the year. She likes to read, travel and listen to music. An avid rock fan who also enjoys going to concerts and a cat lover with two cats of her own.


Aleksandra - Born in Poland, Aleksandra has lived in Italy for over 10 years and during this time she has always worked in tourism. Prior to joining Avventure Bellissime, Aleksandra worked for an incoming agency based in Jesolo, a seaside resort just north of Venice, where she literally ran the show for a small tour operator looking after all the logistics and requirements for clients visiting Jesolo and other resorts along the north-east Italian coast.

Aleksandra joined Avventure Bellissime in 2010 and initially worked in our operations department. Her excellent English both written and spoken, combined with  her desire to take on new challenges enabled her to become our main salesperson for vacation packages and other general tour enquiries. A role she has made her own, enjoying an excellent rapport with her clients, who all benefit from her in-depth knowledge of Italy, and the products and services Avventure Bellissime offer their clients.

Aleksandra is an exercise fanatic, being a member of two different health clubs located in two different towns to ensure she doesn't miss her daily exercise. Her favourite sport is cycling, and she enjoys heading off down back-roads on her bicycle in all kinds of weather, all year round. She also has a passion for films, and during the Venice film festival in particular, you'll find her at one of the numerous venues watching featured films of the festival.


Claudia - Having previously worked in a retail travel agency, Claudia joined Avventure Bellissime a couple of years ago and quickly found her own identity and role within Avventure Bellissime. She speaks and writes excellent English and is responsible for assisting Chiara in our operations department. During the year she has many diverse roles to play within the company, but one of her main duties is following through on vacation packages to ensure everything goes to plan for clients travelling with our company.

Claudia, like all our staff is young, vibrant and full of energy. And she in particular is the character of the office, that helps all her colleagues to see the funnier side of things when we are working under pressure. She loves cooking and often brings food to cook for the rest of the staff to enjoy at lunch-time. She has also participated in cooking classes including attending Jamie Oliver's cooking school in London.

Claudia enjoys music, especially rock music with her favourite all time artist being Noel Gallagher.  Well someone has to like him! And she often attends rock concerts in and around Venice. She also loves to travel, and whenever she has a chance, she slips away for long weekends and breaks in Italy or other European countries.


Giorgia - Our youngest and most recent addition to Avventure Bellissime, worked as a seasonal worker for the company over the last two years during the busier summer months. Due to her diligence and hard work, we decided to offer a full-time position as she continues to develop within the company.

Unlike our other employees, we discovered Giorgia at our local Land Rover dealership. Her father who works there told me about his daughter who spoke excellent English and how she couldn't find a job. At the time we were looking for a seasonal worker to help coordinate the meeting points for our tours in Venice and to take care of data entry to process bookings, and to respond to telephone calls. Now, as a permanent employee she has begun to assume other roles within the company.

Born and raised near Venice she enjoys an active social life and along with Claudia spends four or five days a week at the local gym working out. Her dedication to following her duties, and her desire to develop within the company have made her a valuable resource within Avventure Bellissime. All her colleagues were all very happy to welcome her as a permanent employee as she seems to fit perfectly into the structure and direction of our company.

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